Run! Epic Games December list 2020

The competitor has proved strong in this one. Epic has been releasing free games one after another non-stop. This last month of year has been giving away from the 17th until the 31th, so I am putting them all in a list even the month is almost over. Enjoy then the Epic Games December list:


17th – Cities Skyline

18th – Oddworld:New ‘n’ Tasty

19th – The Long Dark

20th – Defense Grid: The Awakening

21th – Alien Isolation

22th – Metro 2033: Redux

23th – Tropico 5

24th – Inside

25th – Darkest Dungeon

26th – My Time In Portia

27th – Night In The Woods

28th – Stranded Deep

29th – Solitairica

30th – Torchlight II

31th – Jurassic World: Evolution

The two remaining games look promising, especially (for me) Jurassic World:Evolution.

What are them about?


The last two games of the Epic Games December list are an RPG Diablo style and a resource manager.

Torchligh II features an open world tons of quests and items to try. If you loved Diablo games you definitely need to get ready to get this free joy!

Loved Planet Zoo and Tycoon games? You don’t even need to love Jurassic Park to enjoy this fantastic resource manager experience. It looks amazing and interesting, becoming a real gem to end the year with on your collection.

They say it’s better late than never, so here we are with the Epic Games December list. Hope I have been of service to get ready at least for the last two free games.

Have a nice year!


Best Christmas Steam Sales!

Again, It is the time! Christmas Steam sales are here… What a weird year, right? It’s about to end and some terrible things have happened. Maybe it really is the time to grab that one game you have been holding up for so much time. It is true that Steam has been slacking off a bit these last years and should start bombing us with low prices or suffer a defeat against Epic Games. However, there is still some faith and some gems are at reasonable prices.

Disclaimer: prices are in Euros as show up in my country, but should be close to your currency price(which I presume will be $$$). There you go!


Portal/Portal 2 (80%) = 1.63€

The Portal saga is (at every sale) really low, so make sure to grab it if you still haven’t. Runs on even a potato Pc and offers some funny hours.

Resident Evil 3 Remake (67%) = 19.79€

We know, know. This remake isn’t as great as the Resident Evil 2 was, but at this price is a reasonable choice for a new story mode and some cool online options.

Want a physical copy? You can grab it here.

Celeste (75%) 4.99€

Hard game, amazing music. Celeste is an indie joy of these Christmas Steam sales awaiting for you to pick it up! I even would take it myself, but I have a ton of pending games 😦

Doom Eternal (67%) = 19.79€

Want so slash some demons while rocking a metal riff? At this point you probably already know what Doom is about, so I will stop right there.

You can grab a physical copy following this link.

Resident Evil 7 (67%) =9.89€

Waitin for the 8th sequel? Village is coming ‘soon’, but meanwhile you can always have a funky tour through the Baker mansion! The sale is good, and a great chance for completing your Resident Evil Steam collection.

Want the Gold edition in your shelf? Check this out.

The Talos Principle (90%) = 3.99€

Cool puzzle game with an interesting and mysterious ambient. It received many prizes for its inventiveness and the 90% sale makes it even more interesting.

Super Meat Boy (90%) = 1.39€

Frustrating but definitely challenging for some hardcore gamers (no, I’m not going to make a Dark Souls reference), this old school gem runs at every possible device and takes some time to beat (and even more if you want to finish all the worlds).

This are some of the best Christmas Steam Sales for this year despite not all of them. To avoid a long and tedious list I thought this was a cool idea to try out. Take care!


6 games to bid farewell to 2020

Spoiler free!

Not every year we play the same games: well have our rhythms and resources. Today I chose 5 games of different styles which I’ve loved and played recently so I can share them with you. Behold, not all of them have been born this year, it’s just a personal opinion.


Well of course everybody knows this amazing hack and slash! I have spent some quality (and frustrating!) time slashing skeletons and demons through hell, dying and repeating once again. If you are into roguelikes, make sure to taste this delightful piece. It offers:

-Weapons/skills customization

-Amazing music/animations

-Lore which develops between runs

-Social links (almost like a Persona game)

-A rushing experience where you can’t stop to breath, especially during boss battles

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

We could argue during hours about this 2016 title, but truth is I have picked this one up this very year during lockdown. Not the best storyline I have seen, but the level design and soundtrack is worth the flaw. I had never felt this way in a game: fearful of the heights but excited to explore the city. Making my way through the tall buildings had never been so mesmerizing before.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

They should definitely shorten the name. At this point, who doesn’t know Naruto? This 4rth title of the saga is well worth the money, had a lot of fun doing the story and battling with friends (although I don’t recommend going online unless you want to get destroyed really hard). In fact, I had so much fun I ended going up for the platinum on Steam.

The game has polished animations and controls, I only felt some minimal fps tremors at some points with too much FX, but I’m sure on average graphics it runs great.

Cultist Simulator

Into card games? Interested in Lovecraft? Wait no more! This one’s for you.

Cultist Simulator is an experience where you are not treated as a child. In fact, you are told nothing about how to play. Your goal is to set up a cult(as the title says) but is far more complicated than one should expect (or maybe I’m terrible at this game). You need to deal with a job, getting educated to learn Latin and money to invest in resources to trick people into coming with you. Aaand of course you can also get sick of suffer from dreadful nightmares than can consume you.

The choice is yours.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Vl

I love Civ games, but also suck at them. It requires a lot of time to get started with, but the more you understand the more interesting it gets. I’m at a really noobish point, but having fun developing technologies and exploring the maps. The ambient is excellent and the game is ready to automate some functions like sending soldiers to explore so you don’t need to guide them every single turn (unless you know what you’re doing).

I still haven’t decided myself about whether I prefer Civ V or Vl, but in my opinion both are great games that have been recently on sale.

Persona 4 Golden

Leaving the best one for the end. I have literally been obsessed with P4G and absorbed so much I could have never imagine. This incredible Jrpg gives the player so much freedom that it feels like a second life. Want to go to the cinema? Fishing? Eating ramen? Fighting shadows? Go on! I had so much fun I completed 3 playthrough so I could get the platinum.

The story plot twists hit me really hard one after another, going for the sweet KO. The gameplay mechanics are also sweet and the music is a really funky-cool-beat. If you haven’t played Persona 5, I suggest going for this one first.

This is all for today! Didn’t want to brag about the platinums, just felt happy to share that are games worth their time. Hope you have a great new year and keep on gaming!

William Birkin only knife: a short guide

William Birkin is an iconic Resident Evil 2 boss, and it was proven that a knife is more than enough to beat him. In this short guide I’m going to cover how to face him with the purpose of beating the heck out of it without wasting a single bullet.

Why the knife?

It can look useless against zombies, but actually Birkin can be quite easy to dodge and stagger if we move correctly. Attacking with the knife makes good use of the frames per second (fps) and refresh rate to deal more damage.


Mfw trying to get an S+

You might have seen some speedrunners playing the game at 120 fps, one of this reasons is because it deals more damage to bosses and makes the battle shorter. You can achieve 120 fps in PC with some external tools (never tried it) but at 60 it works too (consoles can’t get 120 though).

So, the ‘pro’ tips

-In the perfect scenario, one knife should be enough.

-As soon as the battle starts, knife him with haste. Whatever happens, don’t stop. Try sticking to Birkin’s human part do dodge his attacks. Worst case, two things can happen:

1) He grabs you with the big arm and you waste one knife to avoid critical damage.

2) He hits you, but don’t fall back and keep knifing.

-If you fall in the danger zone, remember there are some herbs around! But in speedrunning this will cost you too much time.

-Remember: you’re dealing damage, even if it doesn’t look like it. He will eventually start staggering and in no time: victory!

At this moment I don’t have recorded gameplay, but you’ll find plenty on Youtube. I know a text guide isn’t the best choice, but it was fun to write.

Happy Birkin hunting!


Silent Hill 1: the firstborn of the psychological horror

Post-game review! Beware 🙂

Silent Hill 1 was a tough one to beat: due to my lack of patience I rushed it with a guide, but not without enjoying everything it has to offer. It’s hard for me to call it a masterpiece, but understanding the context of its development gives a new perspective: year 1999, the Team Silent doing a last project, no rest for the wicked… They succeeded, though. And there goes my opinion having played it in 2019.

silent 1

Sup, bro?

Let’s begin with the ambient and the world (za warudo!). Silent Hill is a mysterious town with a few humans to interact with, and even less of them worthy of being called trustworthy. Music rarely plays, leaving the footsteps as the main source of sounds. Lost and disoriented, we lurk around in search of new items or unlocked doors. Listening only to ourselves leads to an absolute solitude, and that’s the point of the game: you’re alone out there, buddy.

The radio does also make an impact in the whole experience: it panics me to hear that terrible noise in a room where I can’t see anyone. The camera angles also make it harder for us to identify the dangers of the environment, reinforcing always the same aspect: no one’s going to help us.

But it has some cool songs on the other hand

The controls are, as usual, the same clunky ones from the Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 games: tank type. They make it harder for Harry to fight, dodge and run around, and it kind of makes sense: he’s not a fighter. These mechanics suggest avoiding combat as much as possible, because ammo and resources aren’t infinite (it does make a difference playing with guide or not, of course) and should be considerate when taking some actions into account.

One extremely negative feature of the first Silent Hill is the dubbing. Because yes. No sense in arguing about it. The original voices of the game are terrible, but considering that the ones from Resident Evil aren’t better, let’s suppose it wasn’t the main purpose of the developers.

Although I liked the maps and enemies, the story sucked a bit in my opinion. Making Harry the hero who has to defeat the ‘Demon’ seems like the classic Marvel film for me, but on the other side I loved the fact Silent Hill has different endings. It’s impossible to determine how to get each one without a guide, though, but different endings nevertheless.

It was an okay experience, but the first step to a long journey in the Silent Hill saga. I can’t wait to see the rest of the titles and understand the references they make to each other, wow!

5 Games With The Online Dead

In the industry of videogames, we have seen everything: some were focused on the online gameplay, while other tried to reach everything: both a solid solo campaign and a multiplayer experience. Guess what: some of them failed, no matter which modality they chose. Today I’m showcasing 5 games which online mode is terminally dead.


Good premise, terrible results. Streamline tried to be an online version of Jet Set Radio, focusing on being a perfect game for streamers. However, something exploded along the way: the game passed from Early Access to being cancelled, and the servers are today offline. You can still buy the game, but there isn’t even offline practice for those who want to hunt achievements.


You can’t literally pass from this screen. F

Today, the community is still mad at them, because a lot of players paid the Early Access 20$ for nothing.

I got it for free from a promotion when everything started, click here to check it out!

Natural Selection 2

Ok, it isn’t exactly dead. It just has a low average of players. The game is currently experiencing an upgrade for a 2.0 re-launch, and the community seems excited about it. Natural Selection 2 has great mechanics and I really hope the developers revive it!


Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

To be honest, this one deserved it. Capcom first said it was canon, but they backtracked. The game doesn’t feel like a Resident Evil at all and it is buggy as hell. Even at the launching day the servers were almost empty! Sorry Capcom, not this time.


Classic shooter parkour Resident Evil

Tomb Raider

An incredible solo experience with everything an adventurer should ask for: old dungeon tombs, treasure collecting, crafting, and enemies to kick around. This game featured by our loved Lara Croft was perfect, but had one fatal flaw: an online mode.


It pretended to be an online Uncharted, but the game clearly didn’t need that kind of online. Gosh, it wasn’t asking for a multiplayer mode at all! Today, the servers are empty like my soul, and the achievement hunters can forget about this game’s platinum.

Resident Evil 5

The last stop is another Resident Evil: the one famous for having Chris punching a giant rock and Wesker doing some Matrix shit. Don’t make me wrong, I fucking love the game. But the online mode sucks. Not the mercenaries, of course: is fast paced, funny and exciting. It’s hard to find a match, but it’s cool.


When your dog is chewing something from the ground

On the other side we have the modes like Slayer, who nobody plays. The achievements require winning a lot of matches in every mode against 3 players, so without friends it’s impossible to fulfil the achievements (or even play some matches for fun).


Darkest Dungeon II announced!

Yes, yes, yes, no! We can’t believe it! After all the joy and suffering the first game brought to us, the sequel is coming: Darkest Dungeon II has been officially announced!

Getting the shivers

I’ve played the original game so much I could easily write a 3 pages long review (and I’ll probably do) but for now the new is shining: we’ll soon know about the second part of this mad, painful game.


Will Merge Games Ltf and Red Hook Studios united come up with more ideas to make us suffer? We’ve seen stress, bleeding, poisoning, the Crimson Court… Can’t wait to see what is coming!

R2 Remake: The Ghost Survivors DLC

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is simply amazing. It has its flaws with the story related to the original game, but we can forgive them. We got a solid game with dangerous zombies, collectibles and achievements, speedrunners working hard to exploit the game weaknesses… Until Ghost Survivors arrived.

So… Are they good?

Yes and no. By now you probably have already watched videos about it, or even played the mode. Basically it involves repeating the Hunk mode (4th survivor) with different map layouts and some little additions:

-Zombies who can poison you when biting or dying.

-Pale zombies that can regenerate, a bit like Regenerators in Resident Evil 4.

-Zombies that carry a backpack and offer loot.

-Expendable machines with 3 different items and only one can be picked.

From now on, full spoilers ahead. Let’s analyze every single Ghost Survivor available:

Robert Kendo

Strong and handy with weapons, in the original game he was eaten alive by zombies breaking by the walls of the shop. In this “what if?” scenario he has a daughter who turns into zombie, and before committing suicide he receives a transmission and escapes with a helicopter on the roof.


The route goes through the sewer, being a living hell for the player and the character, full of packed zombies ready to bite some flesh.

Katherine Warren

In the original story, the Mayor’s daughter got abducted and killed by the Chief Irons, whose plan was to stuff her body as a part of his taxidermy hobby. In this non canon story she manages to kill the man and escape to meet his beloved, the reporter in jail.


A route through the city and the jail, surprisingly more difficult than I expected due to the micro management of large packs of zombies needed. The jail is a living nightmare if the player doesn’t save the flash bang.

Forgotten Soldier

Definitely my favourite story. One of the members of Hunk’s team sees how the virus sample falls from Ada’s hands and retrieves it. In the canon story this soldier had already been killed by William Birkin transformed, but in this “what if?” he manages to pick it up and escape through an indecent amount of enemies (and the Tyrant) to reach the cable car. Unfortunately for him, Ada is waiting there.


One of the toughest routes of the DLC, involves armoured zombies, lickers, and a hard positioning of enemies to make it harder.

Daniel Cortini

The ‘No Way Out’ scenario is about the sheriff surviving after the first zombie he encounters. Instead of dying like in the main story, he faces then a horde of zombies entering the gas station. Then he meets Leon and both escape with the car.


The hardest map thanks to the tiny space and diversity of zombies (still haven’t managed to beat). Clearly designed for the most experienced players.

To sum up: the good

Very challenging even for the most veteran players, Ghost Survivors offer some extra hours of being devoured by zombies and shooting around in panic.

The stories are not so bad. It’s actually original that Capcom decided to give a second chance to characters that have definitely died in the first place. At least Katherine gets her revenge.

Some innovations: ignoring the new zombies, the loot system is definitely interesting. The backpack zombies and the expendable machines are ideas that will surely be seen again in the future.

Accessories: the hats are fun, even they don’t offer any special bonus aside of some swag points.

To sum up: the bad

Recycling animations makes me sick. Watching the Mayor’s daughter easily hitting zombies in the same scale as Kendo or the Soldier doesn’t look cool for me.

It’s not cannon. We all love expanding our knowledge of a game’s lore, but we won’t be able this time because the stories are totally made up.

“It’s free, so don’t argue”. Even with no cost, a product has to be susceptible to being judged, and a lot of opinions have pointed out that if it’s free, nobody can’t complain. Error. Everything can be analyzed, praised and criticised, no matter the price.

The horde mode doesn’t fit much. It would be cool for a coop map, but Resident Evil 2 wasn’t about destroying zombies with a Spark or a Rocket Launcher. Of course the ‘No Way Out’ DLC is hard, but I don’t personally like how this mode was thought.

This, of course, was my mere opinion! Diversity is nice, so what do you think about the Ghost Survivors?


Beyond Good And Evil: the old school sneaky photographer

Yep, contains spoilers.



When I was a child, I had that girl in class. No, there’s no love story around. We didn’t have anything in common, until one day I asked her about games. She told me about Beyond Good And Evil and how she loved taking pictures around but was stuck in a stealth level. I got very curious about it and periodically asked her about the in-game progress, but she eventually forsaken the game. We barely spoke again, but I got curious. I didn’t own a PlayStation but a Nintendo Gamecube and didn’t know that console has an own version, so I would have to wait like 10 years to play it on Steam.


Just an ordinary day in Beyond Good And Evil

Beyond Good And Evil surely brings a lot of memories: back when developers cared about stories, atmosphere and the immersion. Of course the game hasn’t the best of its generation, but the graphics are more than enough for its era: there’s plenty of colour, cities, the sea, the animals… It’s a full world ready to be explored.


As a “veteran gamer” I couldn’t help but to look down on the game, but it surprised me: got stuck in some parts, and farming the Pearls was way more difficult than I had expected. The bar mini-games gave me nightmares, with this song played in my brain every single day:

Fun fact: I’m Spanish and this isn’t my tongue lmao

Let’s go deeper: gameplay? Gameplay!

The character controlling was decent: anything spectacular to point out. The combat, however, felt repetitive and a bit boring, even with the singular fights where we had to parry projectiles or smash enemies against electricity to blow them up. There wasn’t any combat power up I can remember, and it would have been amazing. Just like StarFox Adentures did: adding the skill of shooting with the staff or creating ground explosions.

The many dungeons of the game were genuinely built: mazes full of enemies, shortcuts, rewards hidden in corners… I only hated the one which depends on the ship too much. But the stealth parts are amazing: hidden in a shadow spot, setting up the camera to take a picture that will change the world’s opinion, feels cool, right? Sometimes it was pointless to put on a fight, so the feeling of insecurity was constantly around, forcing us to remember that the strongest isn’t always who has the best weapon.

Disclaimer: I have beat Dark Souls and several difficult games, but this game’s final boss destroyed me mercilessly.


Taking pictures in the game was, definitely, the most innovative feature of the experience. Getting paid for photographing different species felt amazing (As a game developer, I can tell exploration should always be rewarded). However, the photos ended becoming a job, due to the Pearl farming thing to progress in the game. In my opinion Beyond Good And Evil asks for too many pearls to advance, and as far as I know is the main reason most players stop playing.

The characters are lovable, like Pey’j or Double H, both with catchy phrases and temporal in-game partners. There also the “Chinese” merchant, and a bunch of forgettable people. Come on, who can’t like a partner that screams “Chili con carne” every time he attacks?

Do Re Mi Fa

Surprisingly the game has some damn good tracks, most of them funky as hell or just chilly (my cup of tea). I swear it was so random to visit the garage and jam at this happy song.

But the track I loved the most was definitely ‘Peace’. I can’t recall at which time of the game is playing, but even the Youtube extended version feels short when I have it playing on the background.

So, should you play it?

If you’re one of those: “nah, with those graphics I won’t” then surely you’re missing an opportunity to play one of those classic games that remain as a great experience. Taking your time to explore the sea, stopping by the city to gamble some money in exchange of pearls, completing your album of pictures and visiting the funky garage to upgrade your ship definitely was great for me.


If that wasn’t enough, remember that there’s the next game coming (it’s a prequel, right?) that will fill some holes which the plot left, waiting for the players who grew up to continue the adventure!

A dark prequel: The Evil Within

The Evil Within is that game everybody was waiting for except me. Designed by the famous Shinji Mikami, who previously worked on Resident Evil 4 and Dino Crisis, I could understand the hype. However, I’m not particularly fond of having hype for a game: that rarely works out well. When it died and everything went back to normal, I eventually wanted to give a full try, DLCs included.

The game excels at some things and falls down at others. The ambient is incredibly well achieved, building a custom atmosphere that hooks up to the player and forces it to stay alert. The use of lighting is excellent, playing with shadows to create those creepy, menacing  maps. Zombies lurk around every corner, making those weird breathing sounds. The audio is also on point, helping up to build tension or even jumpscares. One thing I loved from The Evil Within is how it doesn’t relay just on jumpscares (of course there are some, though) but on the accumulated tension which every map creates.


Despite the fighting mechanics of the game, weapons are purely used for surviving. The melee attack of Castellanos is, why not, terrible and is rarely useful to kill a thing. Guns, the crossbow or the shotgun, on the other hand, are useful to slow down enemies or finishing them (this point depends a lot on the difficulty). Because it doesn’t matter how much we upgrade the skills, The Evil Within is a survival, not a shooter. Want to skip enemies just running away? Bad luck, buddy. Sebastian Castellanos has the stamina of a handicapped smoker 81 years old elder. Even when maximized. Fortunately, there’s always that calmed song in the mirror room to chill out:

The majority of bosses look amazing, mixing human forms with melted, ugly enemies. I found The Keeper very interesting, until I had to face him 1vs1 (I preferred his style setting me traps along the way). The concept of Laura was also amazing, chasing me while screaming terrifyingly. Can’t remember how many times she got me though, smashing my fragile head onto the floor.


When everything else fails, run! Ruuuuuuuun!

As mentioned before, the game difficult plays a huge role there. When playing on casual weapons are highly effective, as foes go down quickly. Stealth becomes something optional for fun, and headshots are raining every five minutes. A picture shows if we’re hiding efficiently or an enemy is looking for us, and everything goes smoother. That was the case for me: straight to the point.However, when finished I started a second playthrough  in Nightmare difficulty (yep, I know there’s still the Akuma mode) and everything changed drastically: stealth became super necessary, and every bullet in my pocket was a God’s gift. I had to start luring enemies cleverly, and using items like the torch or setting fire to straw boxes. Matches became more important than ammo, and the list goes on.


Dark maps isn’t the only thing the game can brag about

The Evil Within has a main problem which got me in the first playthrough. It didn’t matter how much fear I suffered or how I struggled to finish the game: I wasn’t understanding a thing.  So it eventually became boring. There was always that question around:

What am I fighting for?

The story is terribly explained, and even if it’s set up for the “intelligent gamer who will get it” it makes the game boring. Some maps have so many enemies that you end forgetting why are you making everything. But do not fret! When you understand the lore everything makes sense. You just have to… I don’t know, play the game twice or do some research on the Internet. In my case starting a second playthrough worked pretty well: I started to get the dialogues (most of them only make sense when you know what they are actually talking about). However, as every game out there, The Evil Within doesn’t manage to tie every knot: some things doesn’t make sense and can’t fit in the story, but thankfully the DLCs are there to help us.

Let’s talk about the DLCs

As you might know, The Evil Within has 3 different buyable episodes:

-The Assignment

-The Consequence

-The Executioner


Shoutouts to the first Resident Evil tribute

I’ll merge the first two in a single block, as they basically are the same episode.

In the first two DLCs we control Juli Kidman, the junior agent who partners with Castellanos and Joseph. Having her as the main character, we learn a lot about missing parts of the story: what is she actually doing in all this chaos, who is she working for, what actually happens in some gaps in the main game, etc.


Both The Assignment and The Consequence have a medium duration of 2 hours when rushed, but can be lengthened exploring around and picking up the collectibles. The game style changes drastically, focusing on the original “no weapons” survival style: a flashlight and a very short sprint. At some points Kidman is gifted with a gun with some ammo, making us realize how desperately we need that weapon.

The addition of Shade, also known as The Lady Light is a great move that adds a lot of tension to the story. After doing some research, I understood that Shade is the manifestation of Rubik’s desire of the acquisition of a new body (as you might remember, he is only a brain inside the STEM system). Unfortunately for him, Kidman ends gathering resolve and finishing the puppet down with some bullets.

“I’m not running. Not this time.”

-Juli Kidman

The final boss, featured by Slenderman, is actually pretty disappointing. The whole DLC pack is built around that character, but he ends being the classic “shoot at my hands which are protecting me” final boss. Not so rude with a shotgun in your face, huh?

Time for The Executioner!

Welcome to The Dark Souls of The Evil Within! The Executioner puts us in the “skin” of The Keeper. To shed some light, The Keeper is the combination of Rubik’s memory of the safe where he would storage his research and the fury for everything that happened. This DLC is nothing but fighting, and can be very satisfying. An hour is enough to clear the episode trough slashes of the hammer and RPG explosions.

It’s actually pretty funny to see how enemies drop tokens which we can spend to upgrade The Keeper. He has some amazing finishing moves to crush skulls and beat up bosses. How couldn’t I imagine that this was going to be so great? Fighting with Joseph is actually funny, because he doesn’t stand a chance. Of course the game tries to put it fairly, but we all know the thin glassed boy can’t stand a chance versus the clanky boy.

The executioner has some little lore to offer, but it’s easy to miss as we are busy crushing everything that crosses on our path. Still fun to play, though!


It’s really hard to just say: “I loved it!” or “It’s terrible”. The Evil Within has a superb ambient and level/monster design, but can become repetitive at some points when you’re just running around shooting to bad guys. Surprisingly I got bored the first playthrough, but understanding the story is making the 2nd one more interesting (+the difficulty, of course).

The Evil Within is a great game with its little flaws, but an amazing piece for your horror Steam/Console game collection!

Jumping in the shadows: Contrast

Contains spoilers?

Nope/ Slightly / Some of them / Get out of here!

Contrast is like that food you are not sure if you like: smells tasty, has a regular flavour but in the end you get used to it. I got hooked by the atmosphere as soon as I knew about its existence on Steam, and wait a long until sales to get it.

My first impressions were terrible: a buggy gameplay, some unexplained puzzles and a not much attractive lore. However, that was compensated with a wonderful atmosphere and a juicy, jazzy soundtrack. Despite the good facts, Contrast started gathering dust in my Steam library with only an hour of gameplay, forgotten. But I wouldn’t let that happen. I needed to finish it! After a year, I came back to it and realized it wasn’t so bad, but still too expensive for what I got.


The 3d mechanics are nothing out of the ordinary, maybe even too much. However, the skill of entering the shadows and suddenly becoming a 2d character is fun and has a lot to add to the experience. Puzzles get trickier, but also more rewarding. I especially enjoyed the part of the circus where Dawn has to fulfil the role of the princess in the puppet show. Probably the part I got the most hooked with!

Even after blaming the gameplay, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the work behind every single detail of the whole game: the collectibles are amazing. Maybe they don’t explain much, but are little pieces of art which fit perfectly in the Contrast’s atmosphere. The soundtrack was also pleasy to listen at while jumping around, with that Jazz style that I love sooooooo much.

Now let’s get into the story: first of all I’ll admit showing people as shadows is an idea I love, but could be used to develop a more complex background that the bare one we see. Contrast doesn’t explain the relation between Dawn and Didi, and being an imaginary friend there should be a lot of things to clarify. My quickest shot is guessing that the lack of attention of her mother caused the apparition of Dawn.

But what didn’t sell me the game was the conclusion of the story. Apparently, Didi has a showman father who didn’t want to have children and a clumsy stepfather in constant danger. Seems like getting close to the Mafia isn’t always the best choice. However, this second man loves the little girl. Contrast resolves this situation with a happy ending: the stepfather never does something for good, but Didi will always be there to repair the mess! Wow, yikes, a round of cheers please.


Dramatism intensifies (not really much)

There’s no real development in the characters, it is like the story made a perfect loop, starting again at the beginning. Didi still has an imaginary friend, and the stepfather hasn’t managed to do something right, yet the mother accepts him back at home. In my opinion that would be one or two months of peace and then the story would repeat again. Wait, what if Compulsion Games made that on purpose?


So, would I recommend Contrast? It’s a hard answer. It has some aspects I have loved and also some terrible features. Overall, it felt buggy, which I totally hate. With a revision of those things that make the game uncomfortable, I would totally recommend Contrast to a lot of players, but today isn’t still that day. If you like platformers and you have the patience, it can be a worth purchase, but it isn’t my best one, personally speaking. However, after completing it feels difficult to blame the game too much, because I totally enjoyed half of the game.

Why I still love Resident Evil 5

Contains  spoilers, be warned already!

Ah, Resident Evil 5! The vegan brother, the different one, the black sheep. With this title the Resident Evil franchise trembled, losing the essence of survival horror that characterized the earlier games. However, not every change is bad: RE5 offered a new perspective of killing zombies which I’m pretty fond of.

Okay, okay. It isn’t as scary as the 4th title (damn Regenerators in the laboratory) but it has its moments though. The ambient manages to stay creepy some times, or at least mysterious. However, the 90% of the experience is shooting and running around among explosions. The chance of playing it in multiplayer mode is definitely one of the best features of RE5, making it amazing to work together against hordes of intelligent creatures. Being able to help and heal each other and to give ammo makes it perfect for some excellent teamwork! But let’s not forget about spamming “come on!” “Thank you!” “Roger that!” Etc because it’s what I do the most (my partners end hating me).


Damn, Jill, answer me!

If you choose to play alone, on the other hand, you’ll face the worst enemy in the entire game: the A.I (Artificial Intelligence). Unless you enjoy having your ally shooting at your back wasting precious ammo, it’s gonna be a pain the whole game. But you’re up for a worthy challenge, aren’t ya?

After beating the game several times in Professional on the PS3 and later on Steam, I’ve come up with a description of what I feel every time I do the story: “oh, this chapter sucks”. Repeat the process with every one except Wesker’s fights (for some reason I admire him) and you’re done. I love the game overall but parts like going around with the boat, dodging super sun beams or fighting a Moria’s Troll from a truck machine gun started to bore me at the 685th playthrough. In a certain way reminds me of the first Dark Souls game: I love it, but as soon as I put a foot in Blightown the regret is visible in my face.

So, you completed the story for the first time. Now what?

INFINITE AMMOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriously: if one thing is RE5 able to do is to make you invest so many hours on it you won’t notice. Upgrading your weapons to get them infinite ammo is a nice way to do it, but don’t forget about the online! It’s a shame, though, that is dead (push your friends to buy it on sale, let’s make RE5 alive again!). In spite of the trouble, The Mercenaries mode is extremely funny to play. There are some unlockable maps and characters with fancy moves and weapon sets, so why not giving it a try? Give your best for the SS score!


Putting my optimistic opinion on a side, let’s talk about the DLC: 2 missions + some new characters in The Mercenaries is (in my opinion) not enough for the price it has. The Lost in Nightmares mission has a fancy beginning in the Spencer’s Mansion, but the rest of content is simply meh (except Excella fighting in the mercenaries slapping zombies, that’s some real shit). Sales, my friend, sales!

RE5 has given me some memorable moments, like Chris punching a big ass rock or Wesker being simply a badass.


When you think you know everything of the game, it’s time to discover something: mods! There’s a lot to install in RE5, but one I laughed a lot with was one which replaced Irving model with Wesker, resulting in a stupid and cocky Wesker with a piggy nose. Video in!

I’m pretty sure this time I exceeded myself with the post length. It’s hard to control the self writer when the post is about a game I love so much! And remember: the Alpha Team always dies.