We Actually Don’t Need Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange is an amazing game which gave me some new ideas from different perspectives. It felt unique, special and established a strong connection with me, the player. After knowing about the second part and watching the trailer, I’m ready to shoutout it: we don’t need Life is Strange 2, and there are many reasons to defend it.

·Franchises lose strength with every further title, and the premise of having a single, almost perfect game was powerful. Adding prequels, sequels and stuff will make money, of course, but will also foil the essence of the saga. Life is Strange was something special, and betting with it goes through a risky direction.

·Watching already dead characters like Rachel Amber or Chloe living adventures is not particularly cool in my opinion. We all loved Chloe’s rudimentary and insurgent nature, but let’s not forget the storm will arrive when the time comes by. Rachel will die, the teacher will keep raping students, and Chloe will probably die (again) to save Arcadia Bay.

·Considering that Max is out of the scope, we’re assuming Chloe hasn’t got powers. That trail leads us to a ‘Heavy Rain’ like game: where everything gives choices, and risks must be assumed. However, without Max’s powers, Life is Strange 2 will probably lose the essence of rewinding to erase every mistake. Because that was one of the points, right? To make an step back, just like we can’t do in our real lives.

Will Life is Strange 2 make things right?

There’s still, of course, the possibility that Life is Strange 2 ends becoming a great game. I don’t doubt the skills of Dontnod Entertainment, but I feel insecure about messing with something that was so cute and deep. If you missed the trailer, I’m leaving the link here.



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