Five Studio Ghibli Films you must watch before passing away

Studio Ghibli has produced such a large quantity of great films that nowadays it’s still hard to priorize them. However, I’ve selected five of their productions which I strongly recommend to watch at least once:

Princess Mononoke: its deep message about protecting the nature against the human race is heart-warming, plus wild life plays an important role in the movie.

Spirited Away: without further explanation, Chihiro’s parents get cursed in a trip. The girl will enter a fantastic, magical world in order to cure her parents and solve the problems said place have.

Porco Rosso: an amazing retrospective to how the war affects us. It mixes this realistic fact with a cursed protagonist, giving deep messages about people, war and factions.

Howl’s Moving Castle: time flies by, no matter if we want it or not. This statement is explained with a cursed female protagonist who gets hexed as an elder.

My Neighbor Totoro: childhood is one of the best phases of our lives. We believe in everything, so do the siblings who lead the film. My Neighbor Totoro is the definition of the childhood magic.


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