The purity of LostWinds

Contains spoilers!

An adventure isn’t always a thrilling fight against a creature with fangs and claws. The journey to achieve a bigger goal is also considered one. LostWinds reflects this statement with a chilled, mystical game from the core to the skin, focused on saving the planet from an evil, cliché creature. The premise of the plot doesn’t look much innovative, but it’s not there where the game has the chance to shine.

What must be highlighted first is the peaceful, green tone which LostWinds takes using nature. Its presence helps giving the impression of Toku immersing in a magical place (kind of a cheaper Ori and The Blind Forest) with the help of the wind. Using this invisible force definitely feels like something living is there, helping the player from behind and knocking off his enemies. The fact that Toku is useless without the spirit is well brilliant: he’s unable to perform any exclusive action like special movements, so the power of the wind is what the world needs right now, but the boy is just helping to set it free.


Special mention to a short numbered tracks list that provides LostWinds with a magnificent soundtrack which joins the player and is always around him, helping to take a breath. All the songs are so chilled it’s hard to choose one, but there it goes:

We don’t get to know a thing about Toku, though: Deo mentions that he hasn’t parents, which is kind of a cliché, but aside of that, anything. The boy even can’t talk! Is like a younger, inexperienced Link who starts a journey because why not. The game itself doesn’t spare much time with a story, it launches us straight to the gameplay. However, this isn’t exactly a bad thing: we all blame those games which waste an hour or more just to explain the mechanics (it does with cute drawings) so why get mad now?


The story doesn’t end, also: after beating the only boss of the adventure, the game leaves an open trail to a sequel, which we already know is LostWinds 2 Winter of the Melodias. It sure will end Toku’s adventure, but it still pending for me to play. This first game of the sequel dates from 2008, so it’s not hard to understand how ‘old’ is at the moment. It first was available for Wii, but Pc users had to wait until last year (yep, 2016) to taste it. It ended becoming quite enjoyable despite the time which has passed and path it follows. Being short and beautiful, is an experience that every casual player should play to try something different, and every experienced gamer should beat to use a different perspective.





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