Streamline: the forsaken game

[No spoiler alert required]

If Sunset Overdrive and Jet Set Radio had an unattended child, the name would probably be Streamline. When I got the game for free thanks to an event I was like wow can’t wait to try this funky futuristic and weird title! Feeling excited at the very beginning, my hype vanished the moment I realised the Steam reviews were true: Streamline is an online game without players.

To criticise it without strong reasons would be unfair, so let’s spread some justice: the controls aren’t bad and give the player a wide range of parkour choices around the map. With training, an experienced opponent can land the best shot to the goal post while gathering a lot of points and knocking down any player around. However, the maps feel very linear compared to the freedom of choices we have while moving and jumping. This results in a huge difference in the gameplay depending of the skill and experience of who holds the controls. Veteran players will destroy everything on their path for sure.


Waiting for players simulator 2017

I’m particularly satisfied with the visual aspect achieved with the Unreal Engine software. The addition of bright, retro particles to the point’s balls looks freaking awesome, not to say when a goal is scored. Everything looks smooth and cool, so nothing to blame.

But the main problem still remains: Streamline has barely any player. At least the necessary amount of to make the online system flow. This game isn’t the first title with a dead online function, but let’s not forget Streamline is entirely focused on multiplayer. Considering also that some players have paid for it, is a shame the difficulty to find a match. If it’s tedious for me, that i didn’t spare a single coin, I just can’t imagine how those who paid the full price will feel right now. Something failed in the Streamline marketing line, because this isn’t normal. The game is decent and yet then number of players is ridiculous.

I once read a Steam review which claimed that this game was promoting homosexuality. Well what the hell, seriously. I laughed so hard I said myself damn I have to share this bullshit around. I haven’t played much for obvious reasons, but I’ve scratched into every part of the game and found nothing related to that. Closing the fun fact here.

The game shows potential, though

Putting in some perspective, Streamline was looking cool at my eyes when I got it. I was ready to give it some hours: there’s a decent quantity of content like clothes and accessories (including a charismatic Team Fortress 2 cosplay) but the lack of players made it impossible for me to enjoy it at all. It doesn’t care how many times I try: I’ll always end stuck in the creating match game. My record is to share it with 2 more players, but no one more came ever.


Said TF2 cosplay

There aren’t many choices remaining for refloating this game, but if any desperate idea could bring some light to it and attract more players I would definitely spare some time with it. However, my final thought is: will Streamline achieve it?


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