Overall, I’m aiming to PC games, because reviewing games which I have not played entirely is not in my plans. For now, I’ll split the Games section in two parts: Present and Past. Present is supposed to contain the games within the last five years more or less, whereas Past is, obviously, dedicated to the past. Specially to those games which make me nostalgic, so that will include a lot of old pc games and console like Nintendo 64 and Gamecube stuff. I guess titles from PlayStation 3 should be brought there, but It’s weird to mix them with Nintendo 64 games. As said, this is provisional!

On top of that, I’m setting up a new section that will probably be called “Anything” because that’s what will contain: anything related to games that I do, no matter if guides, opinion articles or a recommendation list.

I decided to use a custom method to advise if the review is going to contain spoilers or not. Every one will have this in the beginning:

Contains spoilers?

Nope/ Slightly  / Some of them / Get out of here!

Obvious, right? I though about putting only 3 categories of spoilers, because the difference between Nope and Slightly is minimal. However, I like it the way is it now. Buuuuuuuuut to clarify I’ll describe every one:

Nope: that’s it. Totally 0 spoilers. I’m not using it much because what can you say without revealing anything about the game/show?

Slightly: more used, specially when I write avoiding spoilers but need to mention some things.

Some of them: more or less like the previous one, but I mention concrete situations or enemies in the game.  Caution advised (but don’t skip a review just for that!).

Get out of here!: you have completed the game or don’t give a damn about getting spoiled, because that’s what you will get there. However, in this kind of reviews I tend to explain more and go in full detail, so not everything is bad, right?


Here’s some Fallout New Vegas landscape to stare at