Hello World!

Oh, you actually clicked? This wasn’t supposed to happen. I guess I should try to explain why I’m here.

Hot Line Miami

Nah, joking. But it was a nice one, have to say. Guess I should present myself: I’m some kind of spanish game developer and sometimes-journalist, passionate lover of both videogames and writing, who decided to go all in making a page to fill with my thoughts about games in general. I created a section for shows and animes too, but my main goal will be reviewing games. Most of the time I do them spoiler free, but when talking about old games I tend to express everything I have to say about them.

Got it?

Leaving fun apart

Although I’ve been investing a lot of hours in this project with no remuneration expected, I just made up a Patreon account with some cool ideas like letting patrons choose with game should I review. I’m not actually begging for your money (I’m forcing you to give it to me) but the least you could do is leave a comment about what did you think of my job on any post 😀 It’s hard to talk to a wall, ya understand?

My Patreon

Take care, fellow gamer!